Our Offer / Online

This general term describes full range of services that have been designed to help our clients gain advantage over their competition on the internet. Each solution is suited to individual needs and expectations of the client and we try to suggest how using tried and tested techniques can help in a given situation.

Consultations are the beginning of creative process, helping to determine specific aims in every particular case. Our team, based on information provided by the client, sets up a professional specification and also a prototype that shows a structure of the proposed solution, which is an excellent simulation of an end product. We also agree on progress monitoring process, which allows the client to see how his application is being created, step by step. What facilitates the process is employing the good habits such as conforming to the agile methodology, test driven development and pair programming. Complying with these rules ensures that the successive puzzle pieces fall right into place and are logically connected.

We also strive to take advantage of modern technologies, including efficient cloud services like Amazon S3. It will make your applications fast like a breeze, regardless of growing number of users.


Our comprehensive team includes specialists in many areas that develop for, among other languages, Python, Ruby and PHP. We will also make sure that the HTML templates and JavaScript code we implement are standards-compliant. At Imagomedia, we put a great emphasis on project development quality, on which we work with our clients. We require a fair and accurate documentation of your applications from our developers, so they are easy to maintain and well scalable.

Online stores

Moving your business to virtual reality is something that can multiply your profits, or give you quite a headache. We’re here to make sure that only the former is possible. We’ve supported plenty of small enterprises following their development and helping them to adapt the internet as sales and marketing channels. We’ve also worked with a number of major online stores such as wysylkowa.pl, analyzing and improving their tools to manage a store, building infrastructure and designing the visual interface.

Online campaigns and SEO

Our experts will help you in choosing the right tools for your pay-per-click campaign, help you to develop a viral marketing campaign based on the latest trends, take care of the proper preparation of your business accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as provide appropriate tools for statistical analysis of the results and viewing figures of your campaigns. We provide fair and effective positioning practices in search results from Google and Bing. Outcome is the only thing our customers pay for, which makes the whole process transparent and efficient.