Our Offer / Mobile

Mobile market has come a long way and probably will continue to grow rapidly. Everything seems to indicate that the nearest future will be dominated by activities where internet and mobile technologies meet. The increasing availability of smartphones can be nothing else but a boost to this process.

At Imagomedia we develop applications and mobile games that make an excellent supplement to already running websites, as well as being independent software. We develop for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Our portfolio also includes HTML5 mobile applications that are characterised by great versatility on every operating system.


Whether you have an idea for an entirely new product, or want to expand your service with an integrated mobile application, we can help you. We will design, advise, and make your idea actually work.


Games are our passion, and mobile entertainment is something we pay a lot of attention to.Thanks to our technical expertise, enhanced with a touch of creative madness from our graphic team, we are not afraid of any challenge. Numerous praises from our clients and users testify that our efforts are not wasted!