Our Offer / IT solutions

From our own experience we know how difficult sometimes it is to run the company and managing its processes. Never ending struggle with huge amounts of data, changing market conditions, add security problems to that.

We will analyse your problems and find the perfect solution. Our programmers can develop an application from scratch, or use a ready-made system. Thanks to working tightly with graphic designers and multiple repeated usability tests rest assured that the system is intuitive and easy to use, even for people with no technical experience.

In our many year’s work we have repeatedly touched one problem in particular – managing sales representatives. In response, we created a dedicated system for the pharmaceutical industry – GoldPharma. We are constantly striving to extend its functionality by other markets, so if there are sales representatives in your company – GoldpPharma may be the answer to your problems.

CRM Systems

Managing even a small company can easily turn into a logistical nightmare. Customer contacts, assignments the employees, meetings, schedules… We face these problems every day. The solution is to implement the CRM system. We can implement a ready-made solution for you, or create a brand new one, entirely from scratch that will exactly meet your specifications.

Dedicated applications

In the course of our work we often faced a situation, where modifying business processes within the company to fit the applications available on the market proved to be impossible, or unprofitable. Our clients often reported the need of developing tailored solutions, that would correspond to a specific problem or provide specific functionality. Until today, we have already implemented dedicated software solutions for companies in the fields of legal industry, pharmacy, automotive industry and other broadly defined internet joints, both in Poland and abroad.

Security audits

Web application security is an often ignored aspect by companies developing websites and online applications. Unfortunately, neglect in early phases of the project often cause serious problems in a later phase, when data users and their confidence are extremely valuable. We provide comprehensive services in the field of safety as well as audits of existing applications, to protect against unexpected accidents.