Our Offer / Games

We admit – games are our passion. We’re into all forms of creative entertainment, from board games, through mobile, to advanced productions that are entirely set in the virtual world.

Unfortunately, there’s not as much time for playing as it once used to be. Fortunately though, time spent on developing games for our clients gives at least as much satisfaction.

Our creative team will take care of the whole creative process, from development of the world, reality and game rules, through concept drawings and interface design to IT and technical implementation and final testing. Regardless whether it is to be a simple promo game, or an advanced MMO production- we’re experience as creators and users in each of these fields.

We willingly accept the challenges that require involving of high technical expertise and creativity, and we’re good at it. Just say what you need. The rest is up to us.

Facebook games

Facebook is a massive marketing platform that can provide you with an access to a gigantic database of users seeking online entertainment. We can help you reach them, taking you through a process of creation, integration and product promotion. Many renowned companies, such as EMI Music Poland have entrusted us with their projects in this sector.

HTML5 and Flash games

HMTL5 is a technology of the future. We’ll help you develop advanced applications (WebGL based too) that will climb to the top of the ladder of innovative entertainment. Naturally, we’ll be pleased to create games using other technologies, e.g. Flash – just define it in the specification.
In the past few years we have made games for companies such as Gemius and Philips.

MMO games

Our adventure with the Apocalypse Online project has shown how interesting results may be achieved when working in a harmonious group of creative people. Thanks to this project, our team has gained invaluable experience in the development of mechanics, as well as in designing interfaces optimized for convenience and speed of use and consistency, as well as with the marketing image of the game.

Board games

Board games market is experiencing a tremendous boom which makes it worth considering from marketing and business point of view. Smart promotion is always carried on many fronts, and there are dozens of ideas lurking deep down in secret laboratories Imagomedia, that are ready to support your brand in an unconventional way! While the competition sticks with trivial patterns, we’ll help you stand out from the gray crowd of similar ideas.