Our Offer / Creation

No matter whether we talk about your brand corporate identity, the interface for a new game or application – our creativity will always work for you. We’ll analyse your business objectives, research your target group, and will choose the most advantageous solution from a business point of view.

Whether you’re starting a company, or launching a new product, we can design its brand identity from scratch. We’ll make you recognizable by your potential clients, improving the chances of market success. We’ll build a solid foundation and principles to base your business image upon.

We’ll be also glad to undertake either a small or a large scale marketing campaign. We can address their every aspect, from devising preliminary sketches and ideas, through the creation of advertising and promotional materials to actually running them. On your behalf, at every stage we’ll ensure that each of our creations will work as planned and will be consistent with your company’s image.


Designing interfaces for websites, games or applications, not only do our graphic designers take aesthetic aspects into account, but also deeply analyse them for compliance with recognized User Experience practices. We create visually appealing designs, while carefully taking care of their ergonomics and as optimal layout as possible.

Advertising materials

Creation, design and execution – from printed materials to product packages. Our participation in Gatta Active campaign has promoted quite a revival on the thermo clothing market and is a superb example of how accurate design concept can translate into a brand recognition by customers, as well as financial result. Our clients handle us their brands with certainty that our advertising materials and package designs will perfectly picture the attractive contents.

Visual identity

Visual identity is the most interesting and, at the same time, the most demanding form of creation. It’s not the rarest that the simplest projects prove to be the most time consuming. But the final effect is always excellent. We always rely on unique solutions and always listen carefully to our client’s needs. We possess an extensive experience in designing visual identities for brands and products. Marcel, a delicacies chain store brand is a perfect example.


We are always happy to involve in multimedia projects, including the ATL ones. We are enthusiasts of film and animation and have taken part in several ventures in this field, including full feature films and tv shows, assuming various roles. There are assignments in our portfolio that confirm we’re competent in this field as well.