Portfolio / Wysylkowa.pl online store

Brand revitalisation and new IT solution for online bookstore Wysylkowa.pl.

Wysylkowa.pl is one of those projects you remember for quite a long time. Although at the beginning there were no signs of the coming problems – logo revitalisation, a new website design – all went fine and dandy. But as they say – the further you go, the deeper you get. The next task the client wanted us to do was designing a single administration panel for shop maintenance, for all the workers and all business processes. The existing state was overwhelming – several dedicated applications, each one serving a particular purpose and coded in a different programming language. We’ve spent long days analysing who and how was using them and how to improve the system. That was a tedious work, but well worth the effort. The result was the administration panel which deals with every business process of the store, is intuitive and easy to use, and most importantly, made to fit.

Scope of project: CreationIT solutionsOnline
Implementation date: December 2010