Portfolio / Promotional game for Philips 2008

A sequel to a “Battery man” promo game, that had been made for Philips, is continuing the story of the brave Last Battery Man, launched a year before the first instalment of the promotion.

This time Doctor X wants to seize control over the planet’s energy resources! The player has five different levels to choose from, where he or she fights the slimy green creatures, cruises on the Philips submarine and even does some hand wrestling. The game had two modes – one for every user of Philips website and another, ranking one, for those who had a special promo code available only with Philips products. There were attractive prizes for players who earn the most points. The promotion turned out to be a big success – several thousand ranking games was something that far exceeded the client’s expectations. Competition for the most attractive prizes was being held until the very last hours of the promotion.

Collaboration on Philips projects goes back to 2007, when we were developing a system for managing and motivation of sales representatives. In the years that followed we launched a website dedicated to chargers and batteries, and also started a series of marketing campaigns aimed at promoting Philips branded batteries among the customers.

Scope of project: CreationGamesOnline
Implementation date: October 2009