Portfolio / Liberty Motors new webpage

We’ve been continuously cooperating with Liberty Motors for several years. During this time, we designed a range of marketing materials.

Good revitalization always starts with analyzing the current situation. The old Liberty Motors webpage, that we’ve created back in 2008, was a gigantic success. The webpage achieved number of awards, mainly e-Diamond from Forbes for „the best webpage in Lodz district” (you can view the old design in our portfolio). Its very hard to do better than that, and on the same time remain faithful to the original concept. We’ve spent a lot of time on discussing this project, trying different approaches… Did we made it? You have to judge on yourself!

Scope of project: CreationOnline
Implementation date: june 2012
    • forbes

      The website you have delivered,
      has won Forbes Best
      Website Award. Thank you!

      Witek Łuczyński

      Managing Director at Liberty Motors