Portfolio / Gatta Active website

Along with a raise of interest in Gatta Active products, there was a need for launching a website to facilitate the communication with the consumers.

Gatta is among our oldest and most loyal clients. Our cooperation dates back to 2006, before even Imagomedia was officially registered. We always repay their trust with our greatest commitment and the highest service level. During those several years of intensive collaboration we have designed several package series, product catalogues, brochures, outlet designs as well as a corporate website and an online store. It was a real pleasure to hear that our efforts resulted in significant sales boost and the boxes we’ve designed can be seen in Europe’s largest stores!

Scope of project: CreationOnline
Implementation date: October 2010
    • You were the only ones who were able to deliver what we wanted! Thanks to your designs the Gatta Active clothing is conquering the market!

      Monika Kazimierczak

      Brand Manager at Gatta