Portfolio / Gatta Active online store

Stylish and minimalist shop for Gatta Active brand.

In 2008 Gatta Active was a new brand seeking its place on the market, without a clearly defined image. When they asked us to design their online store, we found it to be a great opportunity to create something new. At that time, most GA branded goods you could find were trendy women’s clothes , so after several meetings with the client, we decided that the shop should have a stylish and strongly fashion oriented character. In addition, it was to be very minimalist.

Today, after many years of our mutual work, both Gatta Active line and its target group have changed entirely. Brand image has undergone the very same changes – it’s dominated by black, emphasizing the technological advancement of the garment. Yet in 2008 the store we had designed was evoking exactly what Gatta Active brand was meant to represent – style, character and modernity.

Scope of project: Creation
Implementation date: June 2009
    • You were the only ones who were able to deliver what we wanted! Thanks to your designs the Gatta Active clothing is conquering the market!

      Monika Kazimierczak

      Brand Manager at Gatta