Portfolio / Corporate identity for lupkidachowe.pl

Developing graphic identity for the company selling such a niche product as roofing slates was a genuine challenge!

The subject of this project itself had us really intrigued – slate is a unique and exclusive material. It is obtained from sedimentary rocks that were formed 400 million years ago. You could call it “architecture’s truffle”. :)

Lupkidachowe.pl is a company with whom we’ve worked since we started Imagomedia. Throughout this time we’ve developed a fantastic relationship and a great mutual trust. The client wanted his company to be easily recognizable and have an aesthetic and consistent image. We believe to have achieved this goal, because Lupkidachowe.pl is the largest roofing slates provider in Poland today!

Scope of project: Creation
Implementation date: April 2009
    • You are by our side from the very beginning and I can’t imagine cooperating with anyone else!

      Krzysztof Kępniak

      Lupkidachowe.pl CEO