What we do?

Imagomedia is a small company with extensive experience and ambitions. We’ve come a long way since our launch over six years ago – from small websites to powerful business applications and social networking sites.

We’ve been collaborating with brands like Philips, EMI, P&G or Gatta.

Starting in 2006, Imagomedia increasingly marks its presence on the Polish and international market, offering a variety of services to our clients.

Some recognize us as an interactive media agency, others as an advertising agency. Since the very beginning we have worked on the projects where these worlds overlap. From IT systems, through visual identity to POS materials – all the pieces of puzzle must fit perfectly and result in an attractive product.

Despite the fact that we’ve taken the biggest leap in IT field, we still passionately work on purely graphic projects or even audiovisual ones. We are constantly striving to broaden our offer.

  • Concept

    The idea is half a battle. The rest is a hard work.

  • Technology

    It’s our passion, it drove us where we are today.

  • Design

    Good design means a state of balance between usability and aesthetics.

Services we offer

We'll accompany you through the entire process - from the first draft of the final testing!

  • Requirements analysis

    Regardless of how broad the project is, the key is to understand it thoroughly and analyse what the client really needs.

  • Defining

    Each project is different and requires an individual approach. We try to keep open minds and create solutions that are tailored to client’s expectations.

  • Implementation

    Firstly, implementation is a hard work, but it’s also a great pleasure for a creator, when something that initially was just a draft slowly starts to take shape.

  • Testing

    Way too often an overlooked step, yet so vital to the ultimate success. We make sure that every project that is passed to the client is fully prepared for the market competition.